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What does a Speech-Language Assessment involve?
The therapist interviews the client, spouse, caregiver ,or parents (of the child )to establish:
a) The nature of the communication/swallowing problem
b) The clients expectations for therapy
c) An estimate of how much therapy the client is likely to require
d) A mutually agreed payment system and total – usually payment is expected at each session or can be paid by direct credit into the therapist’s Bank Account
e) Missed appointments will be charged for unless notified several hours beforehand
f) If the therapist fails to honour her side of the bargain -.i.e. does not arrive at the expected time the next appointment will be FREE
g) A report will be given to the client about the findings of the therapist (if requested) and a copy will be sent to their GP, Medical Specialist, School / Kindergarten Teacher , Employer if consent is given by the client (or their caregiver)
The therapist is available to discuss therapy and any queries clients may have out of hours but preferably Between 8.00am and 8.00pm and evenings only at weekends. Messages left on the telephone and emails will be answered within 3 days (unless the therapist is away)
All treatment will be based on evidence based practice and reading matter, DVDs, computer software, tape recorders , communication aids and other resources may be lent to clients to complement individual therapy.


This is also available at a heavily reduced cost and may be an option for people who have completed a Programme of individual therapy. E.g. Scope Group for people with APHASIA following a stroke or other acquired brain injury. Voice and Articulation Group for people with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions.
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