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Mr B ( 56yrs )was referred with Aphasia following a stroke. He had individual therapy for 6 months, in his own home with his wife taking part in the sessions. After his programme of therapy he was able to speak more fluently and coherently. He then attended the Scope Group to build his confidence in conversational skills in a supportive environment.
Penny, (30yrs) a primary school teacher, came for Voice Therapy after being diagnosed with vocal nodules. After a 6 week course of therapy she was able to resume teaching knowing how to prevent damage to her vocal cords and avoiding the need for laryngeal surgery.
David ( 4yrs) came for therapy due to delayed speech development. He had difficulty articulating sounds like l, k/c, g ,r and s. His parents were concerned he would be teased once he started school later that year. With Therapy and advice to his parents about how to help him acquire and practice these sounds, he was able to use them consistently by the time he was 5.
/client04s.jpgSally ( 21yrs ) a University student was lacking confidence due to her very strong foreign accent which made it difficult for people to understand her in Tutorials. After a few sessions ,armed with tape recordings and vocal exercises she managed to make herself understood more easily and felt a lot more confident about speaking in public.
Jack (8yrs) with dyspraxia, a hearing loss and auditory processing disorder was referred by his mother who felt he was falling behind at school especially with his spelling and sentence construction and that his speech was unclear. The therapist worked along-side his teacher and teacher aide and at home, in the holidays .John made significant gains with his school work and ability to make friends.
Geoff ( 27yrs) referred himself because his bad stutter was affecting his work. He was seen in the local speech-language therapy clinic and at his work place to help him find ways to control his stutter and give his work mates a better understanding of how to support him in his attempts at speaking more fluently.
Trudi ( 48 yrs) presented with slurred speech and swallowing problems due to Multiple Sclerosis. She was given advice on how to make the best of her speech and how to adjust her diet ,and swallow more safely. As her condition worsened she was referred to Talklink for alternative / augmentative communication assessment and the District Health Board Speech-Language Therapists.
My name is Anna. I'm a 20 yr old profoundly deaf student from Wellington. I'm currently interested in getting some speech therapy lessons to improve my speech and pronunciation, especially with new vocab which come up during my studies.
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have heard of the Maguire Programme and I am considering it. I have various types of such as slow and smooth speech but nothing has worked. I manage to control my stuttering myself by simply thinking more and speak calmer but I still find myself having the occasion problem (likely a word wont come out or a repeat the sound) about every 60 words and it is this that I want to get rid of. Some days I speak fine but once I start stuttering it seems like it never goes away. Even the occasion stutter puts me down. I know that my stutter has improved a lot but it is still there.
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