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Thank you for the help you provided me during our sessions. You helped by showing me how listening to recordings of myself speak is great for self improvement and awareness and gave me techniques to allow me to slow down and relax while speaking.
I am now a member of Toastmasters and have generated a really good self awareness and relaxed attitude with regards to my stuttering. I speak a lot more fluently now and do many work presentations.
Jenny is speaking very well and still enjoys practicing her words even though she doesn't really need to!
Thank you so much for all your help with my son.
Thanks so much for coming to see us yesterday Gillian, I’m feeling quite positive about Isaac’s improvement to-date.
You’ll be pleased to hear that Isaac spent the rest of the afternoon out at my parents home pushing a little pushchair about and deliberately crashing into things saying “Oh Dear!” What a giggle.
Thanks for following up Gillian. The girls (especially the older one) are working reasonably hard at their "s's".
Grandad has even written some poems absolutely plastered with s words, so it has become a bit of fun.
At this stage I don't think that we need to do a follow up but I will keep a close watch on the situation and call you if I feel that we need your expertise.
Many thanks once again.
I've been meaning to get in touch for ages as we finally got into the public system just before Christmas. Much as I'd love to keep seeing you, husband is not keen to pay for services we can get for free. I'm sure you understand.
Thanks for your help last year and I'm sorry we won't be seeing you professionally again - I hope we'll run into each other some other way!
/client01s.jpgMum is very grateful for all your support and wanted to thank you. She has had her appointment with the neurologist and yesterday went back to the hospital for an appointment with the neurologist team. Yes you were right. it is Motor Neurone. She seems to have really got worse in the last month. She is so tired all the time and her voice is not so great but she is very stoic.
Will keep in touch and thanks once again
Thanks Gillian. you are a power of strength. Mum said the other day (she didn't know we had been in touch) that she is so thankful that you had been in touch with Dr Anne and that she wanted me to ring you and thanks for making Dr Anne actually taking note of Mum. She had a wee episode on Saturday night when we had to call the ambulance as she had problems getting her breath and couldn't talk but seems to be OK again now. My sister and I are having her to stay with us meanwhile...
Thanks again Gillian we certainly will keep in touch.
Craig has started with SPELD tuition so we would like to stop speech therapy for now. I think he has made real good progress so we will focus on the learning disabilities for now. Thank you so much for your help, we have noticed an obvious difference in Brock's speech.
Logan has had a bit of a language explosion. Ever since I decided to book you in he has been showing big improvements, and since your visit I'm noticing new words every day.
It is quite amazing really. I suppose it is Murphy's law that he took off just when I decided I was sick of worrying about it and was going to do something to get it sorted out.
We've been using a "first 1000" words picture book and he is getting good at labeling things. He has even gotten some words that are a bit more conceptual, like "another" and describing positions like "down there".
I was talking to one of the local Plunket nurses and they actually have your name top of their list of SLTs, so maybe that is partially why you are getting a bit of business from around here.
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